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Oficina Arara & Tentações na Ilha de S. Miguel 



Oficina ARARA
Like a dream-machine, Oficina Arara feeds itself from the desires and deliriums of its founding members: Miguel Carneiro, Dayana Lucas, Marta & Alves Von Calhau and Luís Silva, as well as from the community of partners coming from all kinds of backgrounds. Set on exploring both critically and creatively the many processes and methodologies inherently related to the creation of posters, books and other graphic objects. Our goal is to establish a continuous, uninterrupted flow throughout all the phases of the process, reconnecting technical means and rekindling creativity in a one, singular flux.

In 2012 Bruno Borges flew to Porto and formely joined the Arara crew; & together with Pedro Nora, Daniela Duarte, Francisco Queimadela & Mariana Caló it set a new-era over the arena.Oficina Arara’s hangar opens its door regularly to present the new printed silkscreen collections. It can be turned into a multi-functional platform, as a gallery, a concert hall, a workshop atelier… offering national and international artists and projects to show their work.
+ Concert Ece Canli