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“Mão humana ”

20/02/2020 - 20/03/2020
Katia Weyher, G. Le Lay

Katia spent 15 days on the island of São Miguel, for a meeting around a common practice, drawing.
The invitation to stay in this new territory allowed her to make a series of drawings around the observation and interpretation of the environment.
His first reaction was to define the island as an “Ile jardin”
a landscape shaped by man. a place loaded with an energy that we feel with the body, or we lost our orientation, at the end of the world, a place where we don't quite understand where the wind comes from.
"At home, I feel more in the center of the hard land"
For this “human hand” exhibition, we maintain a dialogue between our works.
iImagine a presentation in the gallery space.
We found chimeras, remains, stones, fragments of landscapes and masks.
“All visual art is like that, it doesn't show things directly, but it shows a resentment, something inside, a different resentment.
no direct message.
2 + 2 not four, 5, 3 or something.
You can feel visual things with something other than your eyes, with your belly. ”